A marriage ceremony is a wonderful portrayal of the believer’s union with Christ. Jesus is the bridegroom and we are His bride. We believe that a wedding ceremony is a sacred worship service. To ensure that God is truly glorified on this special day, we have some simple guidelines for weddings and wedding receptions at our church.

  • Either the bride or the groom must already be a voting member of Anchor Baptist Church to have a ceremony in our facility.
  • The lead pastor of Anchor Baptist Church is to officiate the ceremony unless otherwise approved.
  • The bride and groom must agree to pre-marital counseling with the lead pastor of Anchor Baptist Church.
  • Arrangements for the wedding must be approved by the wedding coordinator appointed by the lead pastor before. You must meet with the coordinator before making any final decisions on the ceremony.

If you are looking for a wedding in our area and are not a member of our church, we would suggest contacting a local wedding service like The Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel.

Scheduled Wedding Ceremonies