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Can you give to help her prepare for medical missions?

Let me tell you about a special young lady by the name of Hyohyun “Esther” Park. As her bonus dad, I affectionately refer to her as “Hyo.” Most everyone calls her Esther.

Esther was raised near Seoul, South Korea where she came to know the Lord as her personal savior. In her teen years, the Lord called her to prepare for a medical career with the purpose of pursuing Gospel missions. God provided her undergrad training at BJU from 2013-2017 where she was named to the Dean’s List all eight semesters. She was named to the President’s Club for the Prevailer Award. Esther even served as an intern in the university’s Cancer Research Lab. You can see more of her merits here. Her most important merit is the fruit of the Spirit manifest in her life.

Esther Park
Presenting at the American Institute for Cancer Research in 2016

She has recently been accepted into medical school at the William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine (she was originally 18th on the waiting list). God has providentially extended her student visa so that she does not have to return to her home country. Esther has seen God supply her needs over and over. Her simple faith is in God is inspiring.

Her next faith-challenge is how the Lord will provide the financial needs. As an international student, she does not qualify for student loans. She may qualify for some scholarships as long as she meets their eligibility requirements. When asked the cost of her schooling, Esther replied: “The school said the cost of attendance for this year (2 semesters) will be around $85,000 including everything (tuition, housing, books/equipment/insurance, etc).” The school does not allow medical students to work during school because of the rigorous curriculum. Esther will be taking 11 classes for 24 credits just for the fall semester. She has applied for student aid, but she needs assistance from others.

Our church leadership believes that God’s hand is upon Esther for the furtherance of the Gospel. Perhaps you would like to help by contributing a one-time donation or give a recurring amount to assist her. We have established “The Esther Fund.” You can give to her by making your payments to Anchor Baptist Church and note the gift(s) for “The Esther Fund.” You can give by check or you can give online. Just remember to comment or memo “The Esther Fund.”

On Sunday, July 5 we will receive a special offering for “The Esther Fund” but you can give anytime you feel led.

I hope we will all pray for her and give as the Lord enables us. Prayer is crucial. This is a major move for her, and a big step in her life. We are confident that we have a God that supplies our needs (Php 4:19). We are persuaded that what God has promised He will perform (Rom 4:21). It will be exciting to see what God does next.

By Pastor Wood

Carl is married to Becky and together they have three children. They live in Little River, SC where he pastors Anchor Baptist Church.

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