Good News Shared

The Good news was shared. The people were kind and friendly. + they use KJV

AJ Lee

Ron and Victoria Moltere

God is first in the worship service.

God is first in the worship service.

Ron Moltere

Our hearts are prepared to worship

We have enjoyed great fellowship when we visit Anchor Baptist Church regularly as we travel and visit the area for long periods. Expounding the Scriptures is Pastor Wood (who has a deep understanding of the Bible). Well-educated Bible teachers share God’s word also. When we sing God-honoring, uplifting music, our hearts are prepared to worship and look forward to the coming week with Thankfulness to the God we serve.

Loren Krueger

Jeanne McLachlan Morrison

Preaching was such an encouragement

The preaching was such an encouragement to us! We spent a couple of months with them and felt like it was a home away from home!

Jeanne Mclachlan Morrison

Sandy Hardin

Ten years spent

10 years spent of true faith & happiness with this Church. Moved back to KY

Sandy Hardin

Gerri Winning

Great teaching, lot of LOVE

Pastor sharing the truth about our Lord Jesus. Learning what God wants for his people. How and why you need Jesus. We love the written word of God as given in the King James Bible. God’s not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance. Great teaching at Anchor Baptist and a lot of LOVE ❤️.

Geri Winning

Kellie Wirmel

Such a wonderful, friendly church

Such a wonderful, friendly church! We attend here while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. It is such a blessing to be able to worship our Lord with others who know and Love Him! Love this church! 

Kellie Wirmel

Lisa Hodges

People very hospitable

1. Great preacher who is filled with the Holy Spirit and makes sure the people in the congregation understand what the Bible says
2. People of the church are very hospitable
3. It is great seeing pastor and his wife (together) in the vestibule greeting people as everyone leaves church

Lisa Hodges

Tonya Parrot

Left truly fed by the Word of God

Everyone was so friendly & welcoming & the teaching & preaching was from the KJV & I left truly fed by the word of God 🥰

Tonya Parrott

Isabela Thatcher

Grounded in Christ

They have good solid doctrine and are grounded in Christ. As soon as I walked in the door they made me feel welcomed like family and that is also important.

Isabella Fiorentino Thatcher

Jan Nichols

Great church away from home

A great church away from home! Good Pastor and friendly people!

Jan Nichols

Sarah Manning

Like coming home

Just wanted to say it was nice to be back at Anchor Baptist Church last weekend. It was like coming home.

Sarah Manning