Savannah McPhail

Savannah McPhail is a missionary to the country of Cambodia. Gospel Fellowship Association is her servicing agency. Savannah was added to our missionary family in March 2023. She is currently on deputation.

Jake & Ramona Allen

The Jake Allen family are missionaries to the country of Hungary. Baptist World Mission is their servicing agency. The Allens were added to our missionary family in November 2021. 

Forrest & Jennifer McPhail

Since 2002, the McPhail family has served the Lord doing Gospel ministry in the country of Cambodia. Forrest and Jennifer are still based in Cambodia but now have broadened their ministry to support other missionaries in the region. It is our joy to add them to the Anchor missionary family in January 2021.

Emily Snodgrass

We welcomed Emily to our missionary family on October 25, 2020, after her visit to our church on the previous Sunday. Emily is served by the agency Open Door Baptist Missions.  Her ministry focus in the field is to evangelize and disciple the Peruvian women and children under the authority of the local church there.  […]

Joe Willis

Unnamed Male

We support a young man from Myanmar who is attending seminary and training to be a missionary and Bible translator.

Ruth Potter

Jeff & Elizabeth Owens

Jeff and Elizabeth are blessed with six children: Jonathan, Caleb, Joel, Stephen, Lydia, and Joseph.

Jan & Debbie Milton

Sid & Susie Messer

Children: Jared, Danielle, Luke & Lydia

Bob & Gayle McQueary

Steve & Marcia McLean

Goshen Church of Rhuddlan