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Does God Acting mean God Approves?
2020-05-16 Blessings,Providence,Sovereignty of God Pastor Wood

Moses was miffed. The children of Israel were clamoring for drinking water again. God instructs him, “speak ye unto the rock before their eyes; and it shall give forth his water” (Numbers 20:8). So what did the frustrated leader do? He struck the rock. That was not how God had instructed Moses. Some would expect

The Deep Things of God
2020-05-07 Devotional,Holy Spirit,Uncategorized Pastor Wood

Perhaps you can relate to my friend who recently had damage to the roof of his RV while in transport. Apparently, it was just the sheer force of the wind the ripped away a section of the roof. Here is the rub. When he filed a claim with his insurance, they denied it. They responded