Small Yet Splendid

Specks can be beautiful and useful or very ugly and bothersome.

Some things in God’s creation are small. Their size though does not take away from their beauty, value, benefit, or lesson, some or all of which may apply.
Have you considered a speck? Webster defines it as a spot; bit; dot. Now this noun, this small consideration could be splendid or spotted. I would like to consider the splendid side first and then the more negative connotation.
What about a speck of gold dust? There was a time in our nation that was quite the cause for excitement. Then there is beautiful glitter in gold that are combined specks used to decorate delightfully on chosen occasions. One speck of it can attract attention because of its make up. In a dark area, a speck of light can be a welcome sight. A speck is defined also as a particle, so many specks of sand from a beach and invites barefoot walkers. A sugar packet contains several specks of sugar crystals to be enjoyed. Perhaps your mind goes to other positive uses of specks.
How many times have some of us cleaned specks of dust from the furniture. This was one of those household chores given to train my future skills of cleaning and of course used then as a child as well. For those who have used wood-burning heat, a chimney accumulates specks of soot that need cleaning on a yearly basis. Of course, specks of the debris of ashes when cleaning the inside of the wood burner or fireplace need attention. Have you driven down the highway and specks of something land on the windshield that is not desirable to look through; also specks of toothpaste or hair spray on a bathroom mirror require some cleaning attention.
These are a few examples in our daily lives of the positive and negative ideas on a small “speck”. Does Scripture address this at all? In Matthew 7:5 we find the following: “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” Mote is also a speck. The Lord plainly tells us that if we see something in a fellow Christian’s life that needs attention to better proclaim Jesus by its removal, then it is our spiritual need and
responsibility to examine our own life before the Lord to see what sin is hindering a personal testimony. That or those specks and motes need to be repented of before I can go to another to exhort in the Spirit. To do otherwise is to be a hypocrite.
The Lord, in all wisdom, reminds us that the tiniest particle of sin leavens the whole lump. Specks can be beautiful and useful or very ugly and bothersome. May the mote in my life be removed that the splendid glitter of a life walked with Jesus will beam to His glory. While l may feel small in the plan of the Ages by the Lord, l want to shine splendidly to His glory.
As we each open our hearts to cleaning and revival in a united body, His
glory will be splendid and brilliant… speck of light in the darkness with multitudes added together shining to those who need our Lord.

~ Mary Dickman