Bible Preaching

Psalm 119

The Wooing of God’s Word

The Bible is not merely a textbook. God’s Word is inspired (breathed out) and preserved. While it gives us guidance with warnings and promises, it is much more than a list of do’s and don’ts. David was a “man after God’s own heart” because he was a man who loved the Word of God. In the longest chapter of our Bible, the Holy Spirit expresses through the pen of David how unique and excellent is God’s Word. Like a person in love speaks endearing words to the one for whom he adores, God’s Word has a way of wooing us to himself if we come to appreciate its message.

Join Pastor Carl as he preaches through this incomparable chapter of Psalm 119 in twenty-three separate messages and expounds on the practical blessedness of your Bible.

The first message will be introductory and will be Sunday, February 26 @ 6 pm “Admiring the Word of God.”

The messages can be heard from our podcast or below.

Anchor Baptist Church SC ยท The Wooing of God's Word