Pastor Dale

At the conclusion of the morning service on April 16, 2023, Pastor Dale Dickman announced that he would be accepting a position as Senior Pastor in a church in West Virginia. His last Sunday at Anchor Baptist Church will be June 11, 2023.

Pastor Dale has served as an Assistant Pastor for 10 years at Anchor. During this time he has advanced the cause of Christ, discipled believers, expounded the Word of God, cared for the daily workings of the church facility and property, and been an immeasurable help to Carl Wood, Lead Pastor.

He and his wife Terri will be greatly missed by the church family. We affirm their decision to serve Our Lord in this way. There is a growing need for smaller churches without pastors to shepherd them. We are confident that Dale & Terri will be used mightily by the Lord to nurture and grow the people in their congregation.

Please pray for them as they prepare to sell their house here in Ash, NC, and begin the process of relocating. We love you, Dale & Terri, and you will be incredibly missed. May God go before you!

By Pastor Wood

Carl is married to Becky and together they have three children. They live in Little River, SC where he pastors Anchor Baptist Church.