Facility Ministry Center

Our Master Site Plan

When we purchased our church property, we hired the architect to design a master plan of the entire site. This allowed us to strategically place our first building in such a way that future buildings could be built for an eventual ministry campus. This approach will optimize the space we have to work with. Below is a rendering of that master site plan followed by some observations that impact our current project.

Master Site Plan
  • Our existing building is labeled: “Phase 1” which can be transformed into all education space in a future phase.
  • The building we are considering constructing as a multipurpose building is labeled: “Phase 3” and is situated above and to the left of our existing building.
  • Both buildings are approximately 10,000 sq. ft. although shaped differently.
  • Buildings joined by corridors rather than abutted to one another to accommodate fire codes.
  • In the aerial view below, the yellow rectangle represents the recreation center. The red star represents where our future Haven House for missionaries and ministry guests can stay.