We believe it is our responsibility to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.  We support numerous missionaries with our prayers, but have added financial support to the following missionary endeavors.

Savannah McPhail
Jake and Ramona Allen
Jake & Ramona Allen
Forrest & Jennifer McPhail
Regional Director for Asia, Australia, and Oceania
Emily Snodgrass
Joe Willis
FBFI Chaplain Endorsing
Ruth Potter
Manila, Philippines
Unnamed Male
Myanmar, Seminary Student
Jeff & Elizabeth Owens
Kiari, PNG [Papua New Guinea]
Jan & Debbie Milton
Operation Renewed Hope, Director
Sid & Susie Messer
Manta, Ecuador
Bob & Gayle McQueary
Director of Church Planting, WVM
Steve & Marcia McLean
Rhuddlan, Wales
Bill and Susan Knipe
Bill & Susan Knipe
Cape Town, South Africa
Paul & Loretta Hitz
Baffin Island, Canada
Craig & Lauri Hartman
Shalom Ministries, New York City
Mark & Paula Batory
Domestic Missionary, Greenville, SC
Dave & Claudia Barba
Church Planting Assistance, USA
The Anchorage Camp
Whiteville, NC