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Mask-wearing Social-distant Worship

As concerns for the coronavirus continues, many people are still reluctant to gather in groups. I am certain that many believers miss the fellowship of coming to church but are trying to weigh all the issues carefully in their minds.

Beginning this Sunday November 1st 2020 we will be offering an additional option for worship for those who desire greater protection. Of course we have our main service in the auditorium that offers moderate protection and suggested precautions. We will continue to live video stream our services for those who are unable to leave their homes. Here is what the more protected worship option will look like.

  • The first four rooms of our fellowship hall will be opened and designated for assembling for protected worship only.
  • Everyone who gathers in this room will be required to wear a mask 100% of the time.
  • Chairs will be spaced out according to social distancing guidelines. Couples and families that wish to sit together may place chairs closer to one another.
  • The service in the fellowship hall will be by live video feed from our auditorium.
  • Attendees are welcome to sing but must leave their masks on.
  • The general bathrooms will be available for use but a single-use bathroom will also be available just off of room G. This bathroom will contain hygiene wipes that can be used to sanitize fixtures both before and after use.
  • People coming to the service and the fellowship hall are welcome to use the main entrance but a special reserved entrance at the end of the building will be available for those that want to avoid interaction with non-mask wearing individuals.
  • There will be a small table with hand sanitizer just as you enter that door.
  • One of our deacons, Dale Dickman, and his wife Mary will be facilitating the gathering in the fellowship hall.

It is my earnest hope that many of you that have hesitated in coming to church for these last many months will see these measures as sufficient to encourage your return.

We are beginning with this trial run but if all goes well we hope to continue offering this service to the dear folks of Anchor Baptist Church.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to message us.

By Pastor Wood

Carl is married to Becky and together they have three children. They live in Little River, SC where he pastors Anchor Baptist Church.