HUT – Having Uplifting Times

On January 30, 2022, our church began the process of considering the expansion of our facilities to enhance our edification opportunities within the congregation and to open opportunities to evangelize our community for Christ. Below this paragraph, you will find various posts containing information about this process. Please keep checking back as new posts are made with additional information. We are prayerfully moving forward by faith seeking to only move in the ways that the Lord would have us to go. Please pray with us.

  • Projected Fund Growth
    Update: April 15, 2023 Since September 4, 2022, we have been tracking the growth of the Building Fund for the purpose of constructing our new Ministry … Read more
  • New Building Fund
    We are in need of $330,000 to complete Phase 1 of our new building. Here is our progress to date. Touch or click on the chart … Read more
  • Gymn Floor Plan
    Revision 3 The revision below is our third version of the floor plan for our gymnasium. It contains the following features:
  • Gymnasium Unveiled
    For several months, our nine-member building committee has been working together to arrive at this point in the planning. We have been weighing all of the … Read more
  • Our Master Site Plan
    When we purchased our church property, we hired the architect to design a master plan of the entire site. This allowed us to strategically place our … Read more
  • New Building Initiative
    In the State of the Ministry meeting on Sunday, January 30, 2022, Pastor Wood unveiled the plans to construct a new facility on the church property. … Read more