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Heart Stirred Offering

I once met a woman from Europe who explained that the churches in her country were underwritten by tax money.  Though at first, this might seem like a secure solution for the clergy, I thought to myself how unfortunate an arrangement this was.  It is unfortunate because it removes from the people the opportunity to freely share in the blessing of giving.

In Exodus 35, God told Moses to raise funds for the Tabernacle.  He only looked to those who were “of a willing heart” (Ex 35:5).   The individual who gave was the person “whose heart stirred him up” (Ex 35:21).  Personal initiative is always preferable to God.  In 2 Corinthians 9:7, we are taught to give “not grudgingly nor of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.”

What a superior way to take an offering!  It allowed everyone to have a part in the work of God. (Ex 35:29)  In fact, the people were so enthusiastic that they exceeded the need in their giving.  Moses literally had to “restrain” them from giving. (Ex 35:5-7)

Some churches are hesitant to announce a special offering for fear of being lumped with “one of those churches that are always asking for money.”  How unfortunate.  This robs God’s people of the great opportunity of seeing Him provide through them.  While everyone should have an opportunity, no one should feel obligated. This post is only for individuals with a concern for the ongoing ministry of Anchor Baptist Church.  This should not be considered a solicitation for funds, but rather an opportunity for those who desire to participate.

In the spring and fall of each year, we receive a special Heart Stirred Offering (Easter & Our Church Anniversary). If you would like to give to our Heart Stirred Offering at any time, you can do so in person at any of our church services or by going to our Contribute Page.

By Pastor Wood

Carl is married to Becky and together they have three children. They live in Little River, SC where he pastors Anchor Baptist Church.