Equipping the Saints

Beginning January 14, 2024, we will present a sermon series in our evening services designed to assist believers with their study of the Bible to be a blessing to others.

Jan 14Love Rules: Teach Them Diligently (Deut 6:1-9)Stephen
Jan 21Methodical Bible Study (Nehemiah 8:8-10)downloadCarl
Jan 28Love Rules: Keep Them Diligently (Deut 6:10-19)downloadStephen
Feb 11The Bible’s Supernatural Source and Natural Channels
Faulty Approaches to interpretation
Feb 18Principles of Interpretation (context, authorial intent, inerrancy, and authority)downloadBrian
Feb 25Prerequisites of Interpretation (regeneration, commitment, prayer, and humility)downloadBrian
Mar 10Genres and Redemption Part 1 (prophecy, Gospel, and epistles)Carl
Mar 17Genres and Redemption Part 2 (narrative, law, poetry, and wisdom)Stephen
Mar 24Application Part 1 (Generalizing the truth: finding the FCF in light of the Bible’s message)Stephen
Apr 14Application Part 2 (distorted duty, distorted liberty, and salvation-trained godliness)Stephen
Apr 21Conversational Teaching Part 1 (paraphrasing/personalizing the Bible to reach the heart)Carl
Apr 28Conversational Teaching Part 2 (using redemption metaphors to share your testimony)Stephen
May 12Formal Teaching Part 1 (Phrasing, interpreting, and applying)Stephen
May 19Formal Teaching Part 2 (how to tailor your message to your audience)Carl
May 26Formal Teaching Part 3 (illustrations/stories, introductions, and conclusions)Stephen

Watch recorded services in this series below