Our leadership met this morning and after accessing the situation and having a prayerful discussion, we are making the following changes to our ministry effective immediately:

  1. All church gatherings will be suspended for an indefinite period of time. This will include gatherings that occur in our facility as well as functions held off-site.
  2. We will be having live video streaming for Wednesday evening, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening church services. This is available for anyone free of charge. You can also watch the archived services after the live stream has ended. For both, click HERE.
  3. We are canceling: all children’s classes, children’s church, Sunday School for children and adults (Sun 10 am), men’s weekly prayer meeting (Sat 7 am), ladies’ bible study, and all choir and music practices.
  4. Church events are being reclassified. You are encouraged to regularly check the online church calendar for the most updated information by clicking HERE. Most events will be labeled as video only, pending, or suspended.
  5. Prayer requests can be privately and securely submitted through our website by clicking HERE. If you check that you want to receive prayer requests, you will receive periodic emails with the prayer requests that have been recently submitted. For privacy, please do not forward these emails.
  6. A weekly bulletin with information will still be produced and posted on our website You can see recent bulletins by clicking HERE.
  7. The financial needs of Anchor Baptist Church remain the same even though we are not gathering in our facility. Please help us continue to provide for our missionaries, pay our bills, and engage our community for the cause of Christ. You can send your tithes and offerings by check in the mail at Anchor Baptist Church | 3300 Highway 50 | Little River, SC 29566. You can also give by credit or debit card through our secure internet portal by clicking HERE.

We are anticipating the blessed hand of our Lord being seen in very unique ways during this time of concern. I encourage you to seize this time to deepen your walk with the Lord. Here are some suggestions:

  • Be a good steward of your body (it is the temple of the Holy Spirit). Eat nutritiously, drink plenty of water, get adequate rest, observe good hygiene, and avoid unnecessary contact with potential carriers of the disease.
  • Use any additional free time to invest in your personal Bible study and prayer. Pursue good Christian reading material. Worship the Lord as a family. Avoid vain pursuits (we all know what those are).
  • Reach out to people by phone, social media, etc. with words of encouragement that will strengthen their faith-focus. Be a blessing and you will receive a blessing. We can still serve the Lord.

This too shall pass. Let us walk as children of the light before those who are in darkness. God’s opportunities to glorify Him often come in unexpected packages.

By Pastor Wood

Carl is married to Becky and together they have three children. They live in Little River, SC where he pastors Anchor Baptist Church.