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Tabulating the Time
2018-01-01 Holiday,Scripture Pastor Wood

Most people who own a vehicle pay at least a little attention to the odometer on their dashboard. A lower number on the dial causes us to think that we have little to be concerned about at present. The vehicle is good for many more miles.  With each turn of the dial, we imagine the

Truthfulness versus Convenience
2017-02-23 Scripture Pastor Wood

In Exodus 5, there is a dispute about the Hebrews staying under servitude in Egypt or leaving to go worship Jehovah in the wilderness. God sent Moses to Pharaoh with the message to release the people. That ought to settle the matter. There should be no debate as to what the right thing is to

Christ Our Anchor
2017-02-23 Scripture,Uncategorized Pastor Wood

Heb 6:19a “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast.” A boat on the water is at the mercy of waves and winds. During a storm, it can be driven miles from its intended location in a matter of minutes.  Not only do the occupants of the vessel find

Navigating Life
2013-02-25 Scripture Pastor Wood

A successful journey does not depend on which way the wind blows but on the set of the sail. Job 30:22a “Thou liftest me up to the wind; thou causest me to ride upon it”

Continually Considering Christ
2013-02-15 Scripture,Thoughts Pastor Wood

Eric Peters (Rock of Ages Prison Ministry) relates how recently he was checking for a transmission leak under his car. Arising too quickly, he felt light headed and blacked out. A short time later, he came to leaning against his car tire, adorned with a black mark on his face, and feeling disoriented. Days later,