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2021-03-22 Instruction,Missions Pastor Wood

f you make purchases through Amazon, you can direct a portion of each purchase to a charity. Our church supports The Anchorage Camp as part of our missionary family. You can direct contributions to The Anchorage every time you buy something on Amazon. The Anchorage Camp is listed by its incorporated name which is Gospel

Help People Find Us
2021-02-05 Instruction Pastor Wood

We are living at a time where it is difficult to do evangelistic outreach. Even if you are not leaving your home right very much, there are still ways you can help encourage people to find our ministry. One such way is through an app and website called Nextdoor. The purpose of this app is

WhatsApp for Small Groups
2020-09-28 Fellowship,Instruction Pastor Wood

Our ministry is now using WhatsApp to connect our members and friends together. WhatsApp is a free app that can run on your smartphone or computer. What are the perks of WhatsApp? Communicate privately and securely with self-selected individuals via chat mode Group discussions with individuals in the ministry such as nursery volunteers, turf team

Revelation Overview
2019-04-10 Instruction,Prophecy Anchor Baptist Church

This is a good synopsis of the final book in our Bibles. The book of Revelation can be difficult to navigate unless its purpose and progression are grasped by the reader. Below are two videos that will help you get the big picture. If you have questions after watching, please contact us. Special thanks to