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Gymnasium Unveiled
2022-09-30 HUT Pastor Wood

For several months, our nine-member building committee has been working together to arrive at this point in the planning. We have been weighing all of the input from the congregation, meeting with our architect, Robert Cashion, and examining the finances. We are now ready to unveil an artist’s depiction of our planned facility (see below).

Our Master Site Plan
2022-05-09 Facility,HUT Anchor Baptist Church

When we purchased our church property, we hired the architect to design a master plan of the entire site. This allowed us to strategically place our first building in such a way that future buildings could be built for an eventual ministry campus. This approach will optimize the space we have to work with. Below

New Building Initiative
2022-01-31 Facility,HUT Anchor Baptist Church

In the State of the Ministry meeting on Sunday, January 30, 2022, Pastor Wood unveiled the plans to construct a new facility on the church property. The purpose of this facility would be to: Offer more opportunities for youth events on Wednesday nights and during VBS. Open up special activity times for adult groups in