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2020-06-15 Event,Functions,Holiday,Uncategorized Pastor Wood

This year, Veteran’s Day will be observed on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. In past years, we have distributed thank you packets to veterans as they are exiting the Golden Corral restaurant across from the Tanger Outlets. These packets contain several gospel items to help lead the reader to Christ. God has truly blessed this event

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Most of us know the story of the first Thanksgiving—at least, we know the Pilgrim version. But how many of us know the Indian viewpoint’ No, I’m not talking about some revisionist, p.c. version of history. I’m talking about the amazing story of the way God used an Indian named Squanto as a special instrument

An Angel’s Amazement
2018-12-23 Holiday,Scripture Pastor Wood

Oh Hi.  I hear you’ve been looking for me. My name is Jubilee. I am privileged to be one of the hosts of heaven.  I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself since you’ve arrived here in heaven. I’m sure you’ve been enjoying your new home. As you know, it was designed personally by Our Lord. His

Should Christians Celebrate Religious Holidays?
2017-12-07 Discernment,Holiday Pastor Wood

Thinking through the legitimate observance of special days.

Tabulating the Time
2018-01-01 Holiday,Scripture Pastor Wood

Most people who own a vehicle pay at least a little attention to the odometer on their dashboard. A lower number on the dial causes us to think that we have little to be concerned about at present. The vehicle is good for many more miles.  With each turn of the dial, we imagine the