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I Am His and He Is Mine
2020-12-12 Devotional Pastor Wood

This is an activity I sometimes do in my personal devotional time. Try taking a well-beloved hymn and find Scriptural backing for the truths taught in the lyrics. For me, it makes the hymn more precious and meaningful as I sing it. Here is one well-known hymn that I did recently. Loved with everlasting love[1],

The Deep Things of God
2020-05-07 Devotional,Holy Spirit,Uncategorized Pastor Wood

Perhaps you can relate to my friend who recently had damage to the roof of his RV while in transport. Apparently, it was just the sheer force of the wind the ripped away a section of the roof. Here is the rub. When he filed a claim with his insurance, they denied it. They responded

Fat Souls
2020-04-24 Devotional,Victory Pastor Wood

When our routines are out of whack, it is tempting to tend more toward vanity than virtue. All of our schedules have been knocked off the tracks as each of us humans try to avoid humanity. Hopefully, our normal routines include a healthy amount of productivity.  Hopefully, our abnormal routine does also.  Proverbs 13:4 “The soul

Small Yet Splendid
2020-04-23 Devotional Mary Dickman

Specks can be beautiful and useful or very ugly and bothersome.