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2021-04-03 Coronavirus Pastor Wood

Attendees of our church will find the following as of April 1, 2021 Commercial air purifiers have been placed throughout the building that neutralize airborne germs and bacteria. Masks are made available but are not required Sanitizer dispensers The audio of the church services is piped into empty rooms of the church as alternate places

Does the COVID-19 vaccine alter human DNA?
2021-01-22 Coronavirus Pastor Wood

I recently came across the following article attempting to answer that question.  You can click the link [ here ]. The following is a response by Hyohyun “Esther” Park. Esther has a BS in Biology and several years of experience doing genetic research. What the article says, that the mRNA won’t affect human DNA, is

2020-07-08 Coronavirus Pastor Wood

Update on our gathering guidelines.

Patriotic Sunday 2020
2020-07-03 Coronavirus,Event Pastor Wood

Important details about our services special event on July 5, 2020.

Getting Back in the Game
2020-06-05 Coronavirus Pastor Wood

During these past twelve weeks of doing church at a distance, maybe you feel like the baseball player who watches the game through the fence of the dugout. You have remained engaged but you long to participate. Some people will need to keep their distance for a while longer. For the rest of us, “Come

David Henry Comeback from COVID19
2020-05-23 Coronavirus,Prayer Pastor Wood

Enjoy this inspiring story of faith in God and its impact on the community.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus Pastor Wood

Sunday, May 10 was a joyous occasion as we reopened the church building for attendees to worship on-site. Reputable data gathering sources indicate that we have peaked in the upward trend of new cases. Even though the cumulative number of new cases grows, the rate of estimated new cases is declining. We are proceeding with

Reopening Church on Mother’s Day
2020-05-07 Church Life,Coronavirus Pastor Wood

Some of our members have expressed a desire and peace to once again gather for services in our facility. After much discussion, counsel, and prayer; we have decided to open the doors for people to gather in the building for church services on Sunday, May 10, 2020. We would like to make the following observations:

2020-04-30 Coronavirus Pastor Wood

When can we or should we begin holding church gatherings? This rests on several guidelines from our government. These agencies go from broad to narrow (federal, state, county). The dictates trickle down from one to the next. Federal President Trump has launched a helpful website explaining the guidelines for opening up America again. The federal