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Guardian Angels
2020-05-22 Angels,Children Pastor Wood

Many artists depict guardian angels as chubby childlike cherubs. Often they are hovering over an unsuspecting youth. The idea portrayed is that they are always present as our invisible, celestial bodyguards. We are told that God has appointed his angels over us to keep us concerning harmful situations (Psalm 91:10-12). We imagine that these supernatural

Small Yet Splendid ~ Twinkle
2020-05-22 Hope Mary Dickman

I pray that each of us has eyes that reflect a splendid testimony of the Spirit in a twinkle of our eye.

Best Friend
2020-05-16 Communion,Fellowship,Friendship Don Covil

Oh Christian, when we find ourselves bending in that direction, we just need to STOP for communion with our Lord.

Does God Acting mean God Approves?
2020-05-16 Blessings,Providence,Sovereignty of God Pastor Wood

Moses was miffed. The children of Israel were clamoring for drinking water again. God instructs him, “speak ye unto the rock before their eyes; and it shall give forth his water” (Numbers 20:8). So what did the frustrated leader do? He struck the rock. That was not how God had instructed Moses. Some would expect

2020-05-14 Coronavirus Pastor Wood

Sunday, May 10 was a joyous occasion as we reopened the church building for attendees to worship on-site. Reputable data gathering sources indicate that we have peaked in the upward trend of new cases. Even though the cumulative number of new cases grows, the rate of estimated new cases is declining. We are proceeding with

Reopening Church on Mother’s Day
2020-05-07 Church Life,Coronavirus Pastor Wood

Some of our members have expressed a desire and peace to once again gather for services in our facility. After much discussion, counsel, and prayer; we have decided to open the doors for people to gather in the building for church services on Sunday, May 10, 2020. We would like to make the following observations:

In This World
2020-05-07 Peace,Victory Don Covil

Friend, aren’t you glad Jesus did not pray for His disciples only? He prayed for us too! And aren’t you glad that in John 16: 33 Jesus said “These things I have written unto you, that in me ye might have peace.

The Deep Things of God
2020-05-07 Devotional,Holy Spirit,Uncategorized Pastor Wood

Perhaps you can relate to my friend who recently had damage to the roof of his RV while in transport. Apparently, it was just the sheer force of the wind the ripped away a section of the roof. Here is the rub. When he filed a claim with his insurance, they denied it. They responded