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Night Songs
2020-06-12 Depression,Uncategorized Pastor Wood

Often when the sun goes down, so does the spirit of man. God our Maker is the One who “giveth songs in the night.”

Perilous Times
2020-06-12 Suffering Don Covil

When we suffer, let us rejoice, inasmuch as we are partakers of Christ’s sufferings.

Israel Trip 2022
2020-06-10 Functions,Israel Pastor Wood

Joins us for 13 days in the land of the Bible.

Getting Back in the Game
2020-06-05 Coronavirus Pastor Wood

During these past twelve weeks of doing church at a distance, maybe you feel like the baseball player who watches the game through the fence of the dugout. You have remained engaged but you long to participate. Some people will need to keep their distance for a while longer. For the rest of us, “Come

Are You on the Level?
2020-05-29 Scripture Pastor Wood

We often need to align our lives spiritually and the need for a trustworthy tool is crucial.

2020-05-29 Forgiveness Michael Evans

Sin is universal; our flesh naturally craves it, virtually from birth, and its penalty is life-destroying.

VBS 2020 – Liberty Life
aside 2020-05-28 Children,Functions,VBS Pastor Wood

Join our ONLINE patriotic-themed VBS this year and enjoy Liberty Life starting on Aug 3, 2020.

David Henry Comeback from COVID19
2020-05-23 Coronavirus,Prayer Pastor Wood

Enjoy this inspiring story of faith in God and its impact on the community.

Guardian Angels
2020-05-22 Angels,Children Pastor Wood

Many artists depict guardian angels as chubby childlike cherubs. Often they are hovering over an unsuspecting youth. The idea portrayed is that they are always present as our invisible, celestial bodyguards. We are told that God has appointed his angels over us to keep us concerning harmful situations (Psalm 91:10-12). We imagine that these supernatural