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Concepts of Christ
2021-03-18 Event,Worship Pastor Wood

During the first three months of 2021, we focused each Sunday on a different Action of Worship. The weekly theme was highlighted on the front cover of each new Sunday bulletin and a corresponding Bible verse was included inside. As we enter the second quarter of the year, the weekly bulletin will brandish a different

Help People Find Us
2021-02-05 Instruction Pastor Wood

We are living at a time where it is difficult to do evangelistic outreach. Even if you are not leaving your home right very much, there are still ways you can help encourage people to find our ministry. One such way is through an app and website called Nextdoor. The purpose of this app is

Does the COVID-19 vaccine alter human DNA?
2021-01-22 Coronavirus Pastor Wood

I recently came across the following article attempting to answer that question.  You can click the link [ here ]. The following is a response by Hyohyun “Esther” Park. Esther has a BS in Biology and several years of experience doing genetic research. What the article says, that the mRNA won’t affect human DNA, is

Discrimination versus Selectivism
2021-01-12 Discernment Pastor Wood

Choice words often carry a certain leverage with them. Words can be inflammatory and have a shock factor to them. When we hear the word discrimination, it usually carries a tone of defamation and unfairness. However, there will often be people who carry out the same actions but operate under a different label. A close

Actions of Worship
2021-01-01 Worship Pastor Wood

or many years, the cover of our weekly church bulletin has been bannered with the word “Welcome.” We still want attendees of our services to feel welcome, but as we gather together I would like to give each person a nudge in our actions of worship. I recently studied several Bible passages on the topic.

I Am His and He Is Mine
2020-12-12 Devotional Pastor Wood

This is an activity I sometimes do in my personal devotional time. Try taking a well-beloved hymn and find Scriptural backing for the truths taught in the lyrics. For me, it makes the hymn more precious and meaningful as I sing it. Here is one well-known hymn that I did recently. Loved with everlasting love[1],

Delighted to be Different
2020-10-23 Christian Service,Preaching Pastor Wood

Beginning October 25, 2020, Pastor Wood begins a multi-part message on Matthew 5:1-12 in both the Sunday morning and evening services. “If you want to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world” [unknown]. The Lord Jesus spoke to the multitudes in the Sermon on the Mount by beginning with

Margie Cooper
2020-10-17 Funeral,Uncategorized Pastor Wood

On Friday, October 16, 2020, Margie Cooper was received into glory by her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Margie is the mother of Susan Cooper who is a member of Anchor Baptist Church. There will be a visitation and funeral service on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, at Goldfinch Funeral Home at 606 Beaty St, Conway,

Aerial Video of Anchor
2020-10-10 Facility Pastor Wood

Get a birds-eye perspective of the lovely building and property with which the Lord has blessed our church.