Projected Fund Growth
Update: April 15, 2023 Since September 4, 2022, we have been tracking the growth of the Building Fund for the purpose of constructing our new Ministry Center. Update: August 27, 2023 In recent meetings with our Building Team, we have come to understand that building code may require more of us than we first anticipated. For this reason, our original budget of $330,000 to complete Phase 1 may need to be updated. We had forecast that when we reached the halfway point of raising funds we would order the structure steel for the building. We have attained that original
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Avoiding Fraud Seminar
We are excited to announce an upcoming seminar on “Avoiding Fraud and Scams” to be held at Anchor Baptist Church on June 10, 2023, at 11 am. With the increasing prevalence of fraud and scams in today’s digital world, it’s essential to be aware and take proactive measures to protect ourselves and our finances. This seminar aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools to safeguard against fraudsters and scammers. Our speaker is Valerie Rogers who has many years in the field of banking and finance. She has helped educate many people in the area of safe financial
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Anchor Resource Center
The Anchor Resource Center [ARC] offers a wide selection of books at cost. We believe that every Christian should have access to quality resources that can help them grow in their faith, deepen their understanding of the Bible, and strengthen their relationship with God. We understand that not everyone can afford to purchase expensive Christian books and Bibles, which is why we have decided to sell our books and Bibles at cost. Our goal is not to make a profit but rather to provide a service to our community and make these valuable resources accessible to everyone. The ARC
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View the current announcement slides on your computer, tablet, or phone. These announcements are updated and are identical to the ones that are currently showing in our church lobby.
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Church Picnic 2023
There is nothing quite like enjoying a meal in the open air with good friends. Gather with us at the large picnic shelter in McLean Park in North Myrtle Beach on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at 11:30 a.m.  Bring a side dish to share or dessert. The church will provide the meat dish and beverages (tea & lemonade). You are also welcome to bring a beverage to share if you like.  After the meal, there will be a softball game so bring your ball glove. If running the bases is not your speed, we have substitute runners so our
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The resurrection of Jesus is foundational to the Christian faith. The apostle Paul taught that if the resurrection of Jesus had not happened then our faith would be pointless (1 Cor. 15:14). We are adopted into God’s family through the resurrection of Christ from the dead in which he paid all our obligations to sin, the law, and the devil, in whose family we once lived. Our old status lies in his tomb. A new status is ours through his resurrection. Sinclair B. Ferguson Join us for a special service as we celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection on Sunday, April
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New Building Fund
We are in need of $330,000 to complete Phase 1 of our new building. Here is our progress to date. Touch or click on the chart slices below for more details. Touch or click on the graph line below for more details.
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Our Sovereign Servant
On March 12, 2023, Pastor Carl Wood began a sermon series in the Gospel of Mark during the morning services. The elements of this Gospel emphasize the servant ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ as is described in Mark 10:44-45. The human agent used to write this Gospel is John Mark who abandoned his servant role (Acts 13:13), but later is restored to a role of usefulness (2 Tim 4:11). In this series, we are reminded that Jesus always remains Lord and is sovereign, yet He exemplifies the excellent role of a servant. A man may fail at being
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Men’s Retreat 2023
WHEN Begins: Friday, Apr 14, 4:00 PM Ends: Apr 15, 3:30 PM WHERE The Anchorage Camp 412 Lakeshore Dr. Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450 WHO Guests: All men are invited Speaker: Pastor Rusty Smith The Men’s Retreat is an annual getaway that is filled with delightful fun, uplifting fellowship, delicious food, and practical preaching. It is an important part of our men’s ministries at Anchor Baptist Church.
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This week our midweek service will take place at 7 p.m. on Thursday (9/30) rather than Wednesday (9/29).  There will be NO services on Wednesday.

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